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Sharp's 3-D LCD display technology
With Sharp's 3-D LCDs users can enjoy realistic three-dimensional images without having to wear special goggles. And since they support switching electrically between flat display (2-D) and three-dimensional display (3-D) modes, they can be used in new products optimized for 3-D content as well as for applications where conventional LCDs are presently used. For example, a 3-D LCD computer monitor could display word processor and spreadsheet files in the 2-D mode while employing the 3-D mode for computer graphics and games. This new type of display device makes possible a range of new applications providing three-dimensional images with an enhanced level of visual ambience. [Read more]

How to clean LCD flat panel Monitors
Q. What are acceptable cleaning agents for cleaning my LCD Screen?
• Water
• Vinegar (mixed with water)
• Isopropyl Alcohol
• Petroleum Benzene [Read more]

Acer Flashes new LCD monitors
Acer America has unveiled new wide-screen LCD monitors in three sizes.

The monitors, part of the Prestige series, come in 17-inch, 19-inch and 20-inch varieties. Acer released them on Thursday. The 17- and 19-inch monitors have response times of 12 milliseconds for clarity of moving images, the company said. All the monitors have TFT screens and three video inputs: VGA, DVI-D and AV, Acer said. [Read more]

Samsung 19-inch LCD works as monitor, TV, FM radio
Samsung is shipping the SyncMaster 930mp, a US$649 19-inch LCD monitor with a native resolution of 1280 x 1024 that can also operate as a standalone TV with a built-in tuner and FM radio receiver. The monitor has built-in stereo speakers. It has NTSC, PAL and SECAM support and is HDTV ready; it features picture-in-picture too. [Read more]

ViewSonic intros faster LCD monitors
ViewSonic Corp. on Wednesday announced its Xtreme line of LCD monitors, which deliver 4 ms (millisecond) video response time across the entire color scale, with support for 1280 x 1024 native resolution. [Read more]

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