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Samsung SyncMaster 920t

Samsung's SyncMaster 920t cuts a striking figure. The cords of this shapely silver model exit through the back of the stand, instead of through the back of the monitor, sparing the user the sight of cord spaghetti. The speakers, tidily situated in the two-footed stand, offer average sound for monitor speakers, but they're no match for a decent computer speaker system. Listeners may prefer to use the headphone jack instead. Both the headphone jack and the volume dial are located on the right side of the stand, within easy reach.

The 920t delivered strong across-the-board performance on our text test screens. For text quality, it placed among the top 20 percent of recently tested monitors, and it earned a rating of Very Good for text. Jurors didn't find the same blue-green tint on the 920t that they saw on Samsung's older 193P. The 920t's graphics quality was unremarkable; its middling scores earned it a rating of Good.

Upshot: Its attractive, headphone-friendly design and crisp text display make Samsung's SyncMaster 920t a good choice for text work in a noisy office.

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