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ViewSonic VP912b

We retested ViewSonic'sVP912b because the company has replaced the antireflective screen included on the unit that PC World first tested with a new, antiglare screen. The first version remains the only recently tested 19-inch LCD to win Outstanding ratings in both text and graphics. The newer version, though still an excellent performer, fell short of its predecessor, earning a rating of Very Good in both text and graphics.

Though the new VP912b showed crisp text on our test screens, it failed to match its predecessor's performance on almost every test. The CTX F973 bested it on both text and graphics, and the Philips Brilliance 190P5EB outperformed it on graphics, leaving it with a third-place ranking for overall graphics quality. Our jurors liked the color balance that the VP912b showed in our test screen of a group photo, and its depiction of a brightly colored fruit tart was appealing. Though the new VP912b garnered respectable scores on all graphics screens, it didn't lead the pack on any of them.

Aside from the screen, the new VP912 is identical to the old one. Dual-monitor users will appreciate the thin bezel, which minimizes the interruption between images. The height, swivel, and pivot adjustments let you set the monitor to the most comfortable viewing position; and a PerfectPortrait pivoting driver comes with the monitor. The VP912b's on-screen controls include five color presets. This strong feature package and still-solid image quality enable the new VP912b to retain the Best Buy honors won by its predecessor.

Upshot: Image quality remains pleasing on the ViewSonic VP912b's new antiglare screen--though the previous antireflective screen was even better--and this LCD is packed with useful features.

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