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Advantages and Disadvantages Associated With Overclocking

Reading up on the pros and cons of overclocking your computer can provide you with a greater understanding of what your end result may be. After reading through this article, you should have a fair grasp as to what rewards and risks are involved with overclocking your computer. Cons of Overclocking: - It will void your warranty: A voided warranty means that you won't be receiving any assistance or replacement from the manufacturing company. They only made their hardware to handle what it's set to, not what you set it to.

- Lowered lifespan for your components: Computer components are meant to have a lot of life to them. That is, if you're running them how they're suppose to be run. By increasing their voltage and stress, you can't always guarantee how long you've got until you'll be replacing that piece of hardware. - Increased heat output: While frying an egg on your system may be appealing, you'll need to do something about the heat your overclocked components will be giving off.

Unfortunately, this means spending money. Higher voltage means more heat, and that heat can effect all the components in your system, not just the overclocked ones. - Efficiency is not increased: Instruction sets dictate what a CPU can do.

You can't add new instruction sets to your CPU, so overclocking can only do so much. Don't think that overclocking will turn your $200 CPU into a $500 CPU. - Overclocking will frustrate you, big time: You've installed all your fancy new cooling devices and set up everything perfectly, but for some reason your system won't turn on.

Looks like your back to the drawing board unless you want to admit defeat and call a friend over or buy new parts because chances are, your warrant is void. Pros of Overclocking: - Raised clockspeed: Your overclocked component won't run identical to the more expensive version operating at its new speed, but it will be a huge jump in performance. - More dough in your pocket: Instead of buying new components as the biggest and best come out, overclocking allows you to take advantage of the components you already have that may have a little bit of age to them.

Overclocking lets your current components hold their own for longer then they would at stock specifications. - You'll know your system like the back of your hand: Computer knowledge is gained through hands on activities. By opening up your system and getting a feel for it, you'll be able to grasp a lot more than you were before. Even if this isn't your first time inside your computer, you'll definitely learn something new.

- Geek Pride: People don't mod their cars to keep in their garage. Gamers don't overclock their computers to not show off at the next lan party.

Overclocking can be difficult so make sure you know how to overclock a computer and have the necessary overclocking benchmark software before you begin.

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