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Swap Magic Brings Welcome Gaming Alternatives for Legal Responsible PS Disc Owners

I first heard of Swap Magic was when I was busy solving eerie mysteries and killing grotesque looking creatures in Silent Hill 4. I admit it--I am a Playstation 2 fanatic. I have somehow acquired this addiction from my cousin who always includes me in his long hours of playing PS2, from racing games to Role Playing Games (RPGs). During one of my mystery packed game session of SH 4 "The Room," my cousin suddenly came out of nowhere and excitedly started talking about the Swap Magic for Playstation 2. One of the most annoying problems faced by PS2 players is that the PS2 console won't allow users to play imported game CD titles and back up copies of legally obtained titles.

Many PS2 gamers find themselves out of luck when, after shelling out big bucks for a legal copy, their legal copy becomes scratched or unusable. To add insult to injury, many titles sell out quickly or go out of print, responsible law abiding PS2 players once again find themselves in a bind. Swap Magic solves these problems.

Swap Magic, which comes bundled with a in CD and DVD format disc, allows every PS2 fan to use or play imported or backed-up games on their Playstation 2. Imported game titles include both foreign translations of US titles or games published by foreign publishers. Backed-up games are Playstation 2 games legally copied by individual game disc owners for back up or archival purposes.

Legal disc owners usually back up their libraries to protect against accidents or damage to the original discs they normally use. Swap Magic poses a major advance for PS2 gamers. Not only does it allow once to play archived and imported copies, it is extremely easy to use. You only need to boot your PS2 with the disc. After boot up, you swap it with imported or backed-up game discs.

The Swap Magic comes with a Swap Tool which is included with every package, to enable you to swap your games effortlessly. Just why would a gamer be interested in import games? That's a very good question, and one I just love to talk about. Most of the hottest and rarest games often come out for the Japanese market or the Asian and European markets.

If you're looking for the coolest puzzle game, you've got to have a Japanese PS2 to play it. The best rally and other racing games often come out only in Europe, which means you would need a European PS2 to play the games. With the Swap Magic, your USA PS2 will be able to play all of the hottest game titles that will probably never make it this side of the Ocean. And for European gamers that just can't get enough of the US games, Swap Magic comes in your version too, with a USA, PAL and JAPANESE version of the discs available. There are various ways of using the Swap Magic disc. A slide card is used for an original Playstation2 console.

In a Slim PS2 on the other hand, there are other options that you can also choose from in disc switching. There are numerous websites that offer a number of disc swapping devices and methods which are designed for archive and imported disc play on the PS2. These other methods range from replacing the original top loading lid with a new lid for easy switching to installing a switch that will allow the original lid to open without the system even knowing it. Although Swap Magic allows legal PS2 game owners to play backed-up/archive copies of their legally acquired discs, Swap Magic also prevents users from making illegal copies.

Swap Magic retains the same copy protection systems that the PS2 uses. While there are many versions of Swap Magic on the market, Swap Magic's terms clearly prohibit the illegal copying and use of PS2 game titles. Used responsibly, Swap Magic enables PS2 game owners an extra measure of peace of mind. Swap Magic users can rest assured that when they back up rare or discontinued game titles, the back ups will work as expected.

Steve Fields is an avid gamer and writes game reviews and provides customer support for Swap Magic customers at http://www.ps2cover.com/slidecardsm3.shtml - The online Xbox Mod Chip store. He has written numerous tutorials and help guides on do it yourself moddding of game consoles.

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Swap Magic Brings Welcome Gaming Alternatives for Legal Responsible PS Disc Owners - One of the most annoying problems faced by PS2 players is that the PS2 console won't allow users to play imported game CD titles and back up copies of legally obtained titles.

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