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Find The Hottest Latest Ringtones To Pimp Your Phone

It is not out of the ordinary these days to go to a supermarket, drug store, bowling alley or even a doctors or dentists office and hear a whole chorus of musical samples each competing with each other. Some may only be tones in a sequence. However, other samples may actually be excerpts from popular songs. You guessed it.

These are all ring tones for cell phones.

There are millions of Americans who own cell phones, and many people are always on the lookout for unique ring tones that will stand out above the crowd. When cell phones were not very popular, it was easy for a person to get several different ringing options. Today there are thousands of ring tones available. There is bound to be a ring tone for you that will suit your taste as well as your budget.

A persons choice is limited in ring tones only in so far as it has to be one that his or her cell phone supports. If you happen to have an older phone, it may only support a monophonic ring tone. This means that it only plays one note at a time. Then a new generation of ring tones came upon the scene which was known as a polyphonic variety.

This is a ring tone that offers more complex sounding songs than that of the monophonic version. Instead of only a single line of music, this ring tone allows harmony.

If you have a newer model of cell phone which has polyphonic ring tone capability, then you have a vastly greater choice of ring tones.

The newer cell phones may also play MP3s which allows you to use a songs actual recording. They sound much like the recording on the radio and are extremely popular with the younger crowd. It will also add a unique sound to your cell phone.

However, the polyphonic ring tones do closely resemble instrumental melody and harmony. These ring tones are usually longer and a wide variety of titles are available.

A person may just decide that he or she is satisfied with the ring tones that come with his or her cell phone, or the decision may be made to purchase extras. You are able to purchase other ring tones online through your cell phones manufacturer.

They may also be available through your service carrier. You simply download the ring tones onto your cell phone, and then you can choose whichever tone you want from the menu.

In the beginning of the cell phone era ring tones were just simple tunes. Some of them were specific to the phones manufacturer, there were public domain tunes and there were some that were monophonic versions of classical music.

The manufacturers did not have to worry about paying any licensing fees so these became very popular. However, as time progressed, people wanted to individualize their cell phones with their own unique ring tones. Therefore, manufacturers began to offer polyphonic ring tones and then the MP3 ring tones followed.

Today, you can get just about any tune as a ring tone for your cell phone.

You can get such selections as classical, heavy metal, country, jazz, pop, soul, rap and swing. All you need to do is go to your service providers website, select you make and model of cell phone and begin choosing ring tones. There are also many sites on the Internet that offer ring tones. Just do a Google search and you will find plenty of them.

Most ring tones are rather inexpensive so its one good way to personalize your cell phone.


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