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Information about LG KE Shine review

The LG Shine marked the final transition for LG from uninspiring, snap-shut clamshell handsets to sexy stylish mobile fashion icons, a reformation that began with the exciting Chocolate and continued with the classy touchscreen Prada phone. The Shine once again changed the mobile landscape and proved that LG have added a serious dose of fashion to their phone range. At first glance, the KE970 looks more like a pocket make-up case with a glossy bezel than a phone. Even if you look closely, it is very hard to see the screen when it is not active.

Comfortably sized at 99.8mm x 50.6mm x 13.

8mm (3.93" x 1.99" x 0.54"), the phone feels slightly heavier than average but very solid.

The handset is made of real stainless steel, and the brushed finishing on the back and 119g (4.2oz) of weight gives the phone a stable feel in the hand Because of its metal frame, the LG KE970 Shine is nicely weighted, but a lot heavier and a tad longer and wider than the Chocolate. However, surprisingly it is 1.5mm thinner than its colleague and makes for a trim and compact proposition.

The spring-assisted slider action is very slick, while the etched keypad is responsive. You can tell LG has gone to town on the design and construction and it really feels like a premium handset. LG's new Tri-band slider phone is called the Shine KE970, but I'm going to call it the Shine from here on in. The first thing I noted about the Shine was that it was well named.

Its brushed stainless steel casing is very eye-catching. The main screen on the front of the handset at first glance looks like a mirror, which is actually a little disconcerting. When the phone's screen isn't active and you hold the handset up you can see yourself clearly.

Mobilechoices reviews about LG KE970 "The LG KE970 Shine is all about the design, with a stainless steel mirrored finish. It's slim but heavy, and feels substantial and well crafted - you really feel you are handling a premium handset FirsetMobile reviews about LG KE970 "The LG KE970 Shine is the next stylish and sexy phone from LG. Just like the Chocolate was extremely fashionable, many predict the LG KE970 Shine to be a fashion plate as well. Instead of being dark and mysterious, the LG KE970 Shine is extremely bright.

The casing of this slider phone is bright metallic and the screen can become a sharp, extremely reflective mirror. 3gcouk reviews about LGKE970 "The built-in music player, fired up by a dedicated side button, delivers a steady performance, and with 10 equaliser settings, you can adapt the sound to the song. The Shine also supports the A2DP profile for wirelessly streaming audio to compatible headphones or speakers, plus the phone comes with a 3.5mm remote adapter. The microSD card slot, located under the SIM card slot, can accommodate a 2GB card to store your tunes and photos and this augments the 45MB of internal memory.

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