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iPod Battery Replacement

After the iPod hit the market, it seemed as if Apple could do no wrong. Now everyone, regardless of their software camp, could enjoy one of Apple's classically cool and beautiful toys. It wasn't until about 12 months after the iPod's launch, when it came time to replace the first set of iPod batteries, that Apple hit a bump in their groove. The iPod isn't built for easy battery replacement like a cell phone. In order to replace the iPod battery, the casing must be completely removed, exposing all of the internal components and introducing risk of damage.

Apple initially offered a battery replacement service for $249. They later offered a one year extended warranty for $60 that covers the battery. However, it's important to note that when Apple sends the replacement, it will be in a refurbished model iPod, not your original. Today you can find qualified iPod repair shops to replace the battery for as little as $59 or do-it-yourself kits between $19 and $39 depending on the model. The caution with the do-it-yourself (DIY) kits however, is that the iPod wasn't designed for the average user to change the battery.

Plenty of people have been able to change their iPod batteries without problem while countless online forums divulge a long list of complications faced as a result of users trying to change the battery. Many specialty iPod repair shops will do the replacement for little more than the cost of the battery itself. Some offer additional incentives such as consumer-friendly lifetime battery replacement program. Under the program, the company will replace the battery once a year for life. Even better, your iPod is back in your hands within 48 hours with 30% more power than Apple's original battery. Should you choose to replace the battery yourself, there are a few tips you'll want to keep in mind: - Some models like the iPod Nano require soldering directly onto the board.

Be sure to check the details of the battery replacement before sending off for a DIY kit. - Have a small thin tool on hand to pry apart the casing. Once the screws that hold the case together are removed, you still need to apply some force to open it and reveal the circuitry. Many have damaged their cases by trying to pry their iPods apart without the proper tools. Many replacement batteries come with special tools to help pry the case open.

- When disconnecting the battery, don't remove the rubber pad located on the hard drive. Regardless of the battery complications, people still love the fun and freedom that the iPod offers. Do a little research before deciding how to handle your battery replacement as it's a routine that you'll need to repeat about once every year. Even if you're not thrilled about the fact that your iPod will need to go through major surgery every year, there are customer-friendly iPod specialty companies available to make the process smooth and simple.

The author is a freelance copywriter. For more information about ipod repairs and ipod parts, visit www.iPodMods.com.

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