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Learn the Secrets that are saving MILLIONS every year for UK Transportation companies

How often have you pulled into an isolated car park or remote location and noticed a guy in BT branded car or say a Plumbing Companies van and they're just sitting there idly reading a book or maybe having a cheeky cigarette. We all know that really he's supposed to be somewhere else working. We all know the situation , staff that are out in the field thinking so long as the boss isn't looking? well it's OK to skiv off for an hour or so? I mean hey what's the harm? With everyone now feeling the economic pinch it's a sobering thought to realise that every year absolutely millions of pounds are lost through ineffective staff management. Do you really know what your staff are doing right now? Are they really off shopping at Argos when they should be visiting clients instead? The Perfect Management Tool If you have any staff out on the road? be it sales, delivery, service, haulage or transport ? you can now track all your staff and know exactly where they are and what they're doing by utilising the GPS capabilities of their company provided mobile devices. "The technology now exists where Company managers or Business owners are able to sit back at in the office and track where all your staff are an even to track field employees via easy-to-use mapping interfaces" Says Mike Morgan of BusinessMobiles.com the UK's largest Mobile Solution Provider.

"They can even utilise GPS enabled mobile phones like the Blackberry Pearl to identify which technician or field staff member is closest to a job and thus assign them. You can then see how long they took to get there, how long they stayed and where they are now. It really is quite amazing" GPS enabled phones like the Blackberry Curve, Blackberry 8800 and Pearl also mean that staff members can never use the old excuse of "I got lost" on they way to important meetings either because they can now utilise tools such as Google Maps on their mobile device to find their way. "The possibilities of a GPS smart phone are endless, Blackberry & Smart phones basically give your Companies Field Staff the same capabilities via their phone that they used too have using a PC in the office.

Database Access via your phone, mobile email etc all have lead to a technological revolution in cost cutting and increased productivity and are now quite common place" says Mike. Just as you can find cheaper video camera by researching and buying online rather than at the traditional bricks and mortar High Street shop ? there are also some incredibly great deals to had in terms of Business Services such as broadband, phone line and mobile call rates. "Not a lot of people realise that the big Companies like Orange, O2, Vodaphone, T-Mobile etc, only offer you their own packages and keep rates up high because they have market saturation" says Jonathan Smith of Consumer Watch dog Best Buy. A lot of the independent dealers or Business Specialist can offer huge reductions in mobile costs because they're Independent and can pick and choose." The Golden rule: Basically do your research and make a few calls to see just how much can be knocked off your mobile bills" At BusinessMobiles.com we have over 100 time and money saving mobile solutions.

Get Satellite Navigation on a mobile today! Mobile Phone Satellite Navigation Monitor and manage productivity in any business, whether it's sales, delivery, service, haulage or transport!

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