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Little Used Methods To Obtain Free Advertising

After over 5 years of extensive experience with hundreds of money-making programs (and examining several thousand more), I've learned quite a bit about what tends to work and what doesn't. There are thousands of money-making programs. Many are outright scams and the only people who make money are the owners.

There are also many programs where the owners and some of the early promoters make money, but hardly anyone else does. There are programs which anyone who's good at selling products and recruiting other distributors can make good money.There are many programs that start out very good and grow very fast. Often the owners/managers/personnel can't handle the volume of work generated by rapid growth and the program deteriorates -- sometimes to the point of failure.

There are many high-yield programs offering 30%+ per month on money invested. Most are scams. Some may continue for several years as ponzi-schemes, paying early members out of new funds.

Eventually they fail. The fact that some high-yield program has been paying out as promised for six months or a year is no guarantee that it's legitimate and will continue to pay out. The biggest problem encountered in participating in any moneymaking program is the fact that one must spend their money blindly. In otherwords, you have to trust that the promoter of the moneymaking program is telling the truth and that you can actually make money from their program. This is the deal-breaker so to speak.

Most programs will only reveal so much. It's called selling the sizzle instead of giving you the steak. Since a good majority of the moneymaking programs being advertised online follow this formula a prospective participant is left with little choice but to spend their money and hope for the best. Is there a solution to this problem? There are ways you can minimize your risks. You won't be able to eliminate it entirely. Any moneymaking program is a risk.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. However if you can advertise the program for free then you are well a head of the game. For instance you can use search engines to promote your product for free. You can also place advertisements on message boards and forum.

You would be surprised the response you may get. You can also use a press release service. However I have found the best methods to get your product out to the masses for free is by going through one of the major search engines. By simpling going to the search engine and putting in terms such as, "Free Advertising" should provide you with a good start. Copyright (c) 2007 Rod Floyd.

Rod Floyd has been in the marketing and research business for 5 years and has discovered a way anyone can obtain free advertising using major search engines http://rf12good.freegoogle.hop.clickbank.net

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