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Most Common Questions And Answers When Installing DIY Accounting Software

Client asked for user name and authorisation code or password when attempting to download accounting software. This problem is because a potential login area has been found not related to the accounting purchase. The client has made an erroneous assumption of how to access the accounting or payroll software. The correct solution if the client was not returned by paypal directly to the download page is to click the URL sent in the confirmation email which was sent following the accounting software purchase.

After payment client was not returned to the website to download the product This can happen when payment is made by credit card or the paypal sequence is interrupted in some way. DIY Accounting do send a thank you email containing the download page from where the accounting or payroll software can be downloaded. How do I download the product from the website. Firs step is to go to My Documents and make a new folder to receive the accounting files. Right click each of the links on the download page and save each accounting template directly to that folder on your computer hard drive.

If the spreadsheets are opened before saving this can cause problems as the original links could be changed to temporary links. The accounting software files do not link together. Problems with excel spreadsheets that have been downloaded link together but may not if the structure has been inadvertently changed. If the name of an excel workbook has been changed the links from that file to other files will be broken unless the name change is made in a specific way, that way being to open all linking workbooks so that when the new file name is changed the linking structure is preserved. The names of the accounting workbooks are not changed, the simplest solution is to either change the file name back to the original file name provided the changed name had not been saved or download a new file with the original linked name. If the accounting templates were opened first before saving then these files are stored on your computer with temporary links for you to view them.

If that file is then subsequently saved then what is being saved is the temporary links not the original links which causes the files not to link together and the accounting software is prevented from updating the financial accounts template. The easiest solution is to delete the file and resave from the download page direct to your accounts folder without opening the files first. None of the accounting spreadsheet templates opens. If the excel program has not been installed the computer to which the accounting file shave been downloaded does not recognise the file type. Alternatively the excel spreadsheets will open if an open source spreadsheet package has been installed on the computer. In a similar manner when the accounting templates are saved to a CD Rom the status changes from active to read only.

This is because excel is not installed on the CD. The excel files automatically change back top being usable when the templates are then moved back to a computer where either excel or an open source spreadsheet package has been installed. Having saved the accounting templates from the download page when I click the file name my computer tries to connect to the internet. This is because the client has often not actually downloaded the accounting workbooks to their computer but instead has saved the links from the download page. As these links are linked to the source of the templates which are stored on the internet the client is returned to that source.

The solution is top revisit the download page and actually download each file to your computer by clicking the link to the accounting template and then clicking save in the dialogue box. When I open the monthly accounting template there are no tabs along the bottom of the page to navigate from one sheet to another. This is because the client has possibly saved the links not the excel files themselves and is looking at a single accounting worksheet rather than the whole accounting workbook on the internet and not an accounting template saved on your computer.

The solution is to revisit the download page and right click each link to actually save the accounting workbooks to your computer. It is also worth pointing out that when the square box at the top right of the worksheet has been clicked to reduce the size of the spreadsheet and that spreadsheet is located further down the computer screen so the bottom part is not visible then this may also result in the navigation tabs being hidden from view. This is corrected by clicking the square box to reveal a full page view.

Terry Cartwright is a qualified accountant in the UK designs Small Business Accounting Software spreadsheet templates providing complete Bookkeeping solutions for small to medium sized business with Payroll Software for 1 to 20 employees that automates the revenue payroll tax returns.

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