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Reviews and Specifications to ZT TV Cell phone

When we talk about Hiphone and P168, you may probably notice that P168 is the first Iphone clone from CECT, while Hiphone is the latest one. P168 has been a hot topic before, as many people compared it to Apple Iphone with all its Iphone like features presented. That's the first CECT cell phone shined in the handheld market, and it makes CECT cell phone more and more popular on the internet, as you can get them easily on eBay or other online stores. Hiphone is the latest Iphone clone, which looks 99% like Apple Iphone, and it has 3.5 inch touch screen, Iphone menu, multi-point touch control and one button control interface.

Common features for P168 and Hiphone.

 Both of them have 3.5 inch display screen, dual SIM card supported, Bluetooth, mp3/mp4 playback, 1.3 mega pixel camera, video recording, surround sound speakers, Tri-band GSM phone supports 900/1800/1900 HZ, TF memory card supported, WAP browser 2.0 and a extremely long talk/standby time.


Different features for P168 and Hiphone.

 There are some new features on Hiphone but not P168, such as multi-point control, you can resize the picture by using two fingers, it's the technology for Apple Iphone which adopted by Hiphone. Besides, Hiphone has the tilt technology, the video will change from portrait to landscape according to your view, make the cell phone more user friendly. And Hiphone has a smooth touch control, you can scroll down the telephone contact list easily by your finger, you will have a better experience in interacting with the cell phone.

Both of them are features rich cell phone, and the price is not expensive, so it's worth a try.

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