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Solutions for iPod Screen Repair

The release of the iPod Nano was an enormous hit for Apple, but also sparked controversy among its loyal followers. Customers began calling in record numbers about broken screens on the iPod Nano. Apple quickly discovered and fixed the problem then replaced the faulty players for free.

Although iPod screen repair isn't an epidemic, screens still break, crack, or scratch for one reason or another and must be replaced. Should you find yourself in this situation, you've got two different options; to do the repair yourself or send it to an iPod screen repair specialist. Do it yourself iPod Screen repair: For those who feel comfortable poking around the inner circuitry of their iPod, a do-it-yourself iPod screen repair kit might be an option. For about ten bucks, you can purchase a set of iPod-specific tools you'll need to unscrew the casing and pry apart the two halves safely while the screen runs between $89 and $149 depending on the model. While the process can be fairly straightforward for some, there is room for error when doing your own iPod screen repair. In order to remove the screen you'll need to detach some of the pieces and pull the broken screen away from the logic board and attach the new one.

Send your iPod to an iPod repair specialist Perhaps the most attractive benefit about sending your iPod off to a specialist for the screen repair is that they can troubleshoot the iPod to ensure that a new screen will in fact solve the problem. Often a broken screen is caused by a trauma, meaning the possibility of additional damage. Some repair shops don't charge any more for professional installation than the cost of the screen itself. Although you will pay a few bucks for shipping, you'll be able to have a full diagnostic run and the screen replaced by a professional. Isn't iPod screen repair covered by my warranty? Apple considers a broken screen misuse or accidental damage.

Apple's service repair page specifically states that "If your iPod's LCD display is cracked due to accidental damage, do not send your iPod in for service." The repair is not covered under the iPod's Limited Warranty or the AppleCare Protection Plan. Every day life is just more fun with a soundtrack which is why the iPod has quickly grown to become America's favorite gadget.

The iPod has proven fairly tough in light of the amount of use most endure on a daily basis. However, should your iPod ever need repair there are do-it-yourself kits and iPod repair specialists that can help you get your iPod back on track in no time.

The author is a freelance copywriter. For more information about ipod repairs and ipod parts, visit www.iPodMods.com.

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