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The Importance of Backlinks

All so called expert opinion which is devoted to Search Engine Optimisation inform us that backlinks to websites are graded as to their importance by the page rank of the linking site and the relevance of its content to the content on the site receiving the link. Reciprocal links are not considered to be of any importance especially with regard to Google which simply ignores them although the site is not penalised for having them. The higher the page rank of the linking site the more benficial it will be to your own website. So we are constantly being urged to seek out these high ranking sites and try to get them to provide a backlink to our own sites.

Often they also intimate how you can go about this but when reading on you are never given a definitive plan of for example how to convince this site with a page rank of seven or greater to link to your own site. I cannot give any ideas as to how to achieve this either. Even if you did manage to get a backlink from the BBC site to your own website, would the link be considered relevant unless the website also had some connection with news, tv, radio or sport? Google we re told looks carefully at the content across all the pages of a site and not just the content on the page where any link might be found. So I personally have stopped trying to achieve such links. Running a website with a page rank of 4, I am personally inundated with requests from other webmasters to provide them with a reciprocal link.

These webmasters always use the same line of argument .'you will appreciate the importance of links to search engine positioning'?. . Where have these people been the last two years? I always reply to them positively by refusing the reciprocal link but suggest that I will place a link to them if they can give me a good reasoned argument as to why I should. To date I have had not a single reply.

These website developers would have better fortune if they asked directly for a backlink without mention of a useless reciprocal link. I am quite happy to accommodate someone who asks nicely with a reasoned argument. So webmasters out there take note. Returning to the idea of relevant backlinks.

The majority of my own backlinks are achieved by writing articles which provide quite reasonable page rank and absolute relevance because I am writing about the content of my website. The only downside to article writing and having the articles widely distributed is the penalty of duplicate content. Google will only take one of the sources and count it as a relevant backlink whilst the majority of the other search engines will often count all the places where the article has been published. Despite this article writing is still the best and easiest way of getting good backlinks. It could, based on my own experiences take anything up to one year before Google will recognise this as a backlink.

David Smith is the owner of a contract cleaning company Sparkle Cleaning Services UK Ltd . He has built and runs this site as well as organising the cleaning contracts generated from the website.

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