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Ways Spyware Programs Make Money Off You And How You Can Stop Them

A common question people ask when they are dealing with a spyware infection is, Why do spyware makers even exist? What purpose does cluttering up peoples computers serve? The answer, as Im sure you might have guessed, is profit related.

1. They sell advertising to other companies
Spyware makers know that they have a large number of computers that their software is installed on so they are able to sell ad inventory to other companies who want to advertise to people like you. These companies pay the spyware makers to have their ads shown when people open their web browsers or visit certain web sites.

Removing spyware by using an anti-spyware tool means that you are one less person that the spyware companies can make money from.


They advertise their own anti-spyware software
You have to admire a pretty good scam and this sure is one of them! The spyware makers get you to unknowingly install their spyware and then they show you ads to buy their own anti-spyware software! They are basically extorting money from unwitting people who dont realize that they are paying the equivalent of a mob asking for protection money.

Sometimes, the ads mislead people into installing anti-spyware software which is actually MORE spyware! A legitimate spyware removal tool such as No Adware can help to end your spyware problems by cleaning out any spyware or adware residing on your computer.


They get paid every time spyware is installed
Some unscrupulous companies offer a small kickback to anyone who gets their spyware software installed on computers. They can afford to do that based on the reasons listed above. This creates a profit opportunity for dishonest people who are now acting as distributors of spyware. This has created an cottage industry of people who make money indirectly from the people who make money directly from spyware!


They track what web sites you visit and then show you ads relevant to your interests
Another way spyware makers make money is by tracking the web sites you visit and then showing you ads that are similar to the sites you visit regularly. This means that if you are a music fan that is browsing your favorite bands web sites, spyware makers might pop up ads that link you to an MP3 download service.

If you end up subscribing to the service, they get a kickback from the company or they are getting paid upfront to show ads to users that they establish as music fans.

Thinking about spyware makers making money off of unsuspecting people is enough to make your blood boil.

Its a dirty business full of unscrupulous individuals. Using a spyware removal utility such as No Adware is your best chance at avoiding all of this, especially because No Adware offers customers a free scan to see if it can fix the problems.


About the Author (text)Ryan Gutierrez is a technology expert, specializing in internet security. Visit his site at http://www.removemyspywarenow.com. There, you will find articles about removing spyware quickly and easily.

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