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Why Buy an Audio Book

Reading a book has long been a source of relaxation. However, in this modern age of computers, the internet, DVD movies, and MP3 players the simple act of reading a book has taken a backseat. People want something more interactive than just pages to turn. Kids are certainly more interested in playing their latest games console game. We seem to be turning away from the joy of reading a good book, but there is an answer.

Audio books have been around a long time, but are relatively unknown to most people. There is a misconception that audio books are designed for people with eyesight problems. This is one of their uses, of course, but it is far from the full story. Audio books are available on either cassette tape or CD.

The beauty is that the whole story is narrated, often by well-known actors and actresses. It is like having your own private play. The variety of audio books is immense, and there is bound to be one that suits your tastes. The real bonus of listening to an audio book is that you can play it wherever you want to. I enjoy having an audio book in the car on long journeys.

The length of the story is always given on the cover of the box so I can pick one that will finish in time for my journey, so I don't miss the ending! It isn't simply stories that are available as audio books, but language lessons too. Imagine learning to speak a number of key Japanese phrases whilst you do the ironing, or mastering basic French whilst doing the vacuuming?! The possibilities are endless with the number of portable media players that are available now. You can have the enjoyment of your favourite novel, short story, or language lesson whilst still carrying out your daily chores. Audio books are available from most major bookstores, as well as over the internet. There are books for people of all ages, including kids, and include modern novels as well as the classics.

If you are a member of a local library, you will also find audio books to hire, for a nominal fee, so you can try it and decide if you really want to buy one.

S. Stammberger is editor of Audio Book Center. Get detailed information on audio books and podcasting. Learn how to create your own audio book.

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