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Wordpress Blog Themes Learning The Basics About Them

Wordpress blog themes give you the power to be at your creative best when creating or modifying a blog. Even if this is your first blog, you will have no problem with Wordpress themes. They come with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Theme A theme is basically the layout of your blog. It is the way your blog is presented.

The type of header you have, whether you have sidebar or not, and other related things depend on the type of theme you have. The types of Wordpress blog themes you choose depend on your needs, message, content, and imagination. Wordpress blog themes are created by the users themselves and are available free. With thousands of themes available, you will never be stuck with one look. Wordpress themes allow you to change the look of your blog within minutes.

Now you can have a new presentation every day or every month. When you choose a theme, you need to make sure that it suits not only your needs, but also those of your audience. After all, you want to keep your audience happy so that they are always eager to comeback. Test Drive Before Installing Before installing a new theme, always make sure that you test drive it first. Follow the instructions very carefully. See how the theme looks on your home page.

Then see how it looks and functions on the whole blog. See how the theme handles pages relating to category, archives, posts, comments, and other pages. Very often, bloggers come across a theme that simply looks great on the home page but has problems on other pages. If your theme is not working well on some pages, you can find the code and make the relevant changes, so that it fits in with your other pages. However, if you do not have the time, patience, or simply the knowledge to do so, you can choose other Wordpress blog themes. Remember that there are thousands available and you can surely find the one that matches perfectly with your blog.

Plugins Now that you have installed your Wordpress theme and everything is working smoothly, you can work on enhancing the look of your blog. Adding plugins can easily do this. There are hundreds of plugins available. You can easily add custom links to your sidebar, weather reports, sports updates, and much more.

Spamming While working with your blog and Wordpress themes, you need to pay attention to Spamming. You need to protect your blog from spammers. The purpose of comment spammers is to get on top of major search engines.

You can combat spammers by actively watching comments on your blog. Some techniques like, Stealth Spam has been effective in dealing with this problem. Another good news is that, Wordpress blogs attract very little spamming.

Customize Once you know about Wordpress and have got comfortable working with new themes, you can customize your themes. For that, you would need to be familiar with CSS, HTML, PHP, and MySQL. Wordpress can help you expand your skills relating to web page design and development.

Customizing Wordpress blog themes is fun, creative, and awesome. Once you start customizing, you will not be able to stop.

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